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And now, I finally tell my story. My name is Luca Cristofari and I am the founder of  Cinemotions Films

Emotional wedding photographer videomaker


I’ m an emotional videographer & photographer , that seeks the rawest and purest emotions. I have been drawn to film and cinematography since I was a child. I love the expressivity through the camera and the possibility to convey a story, like a copywriter with a pen.

I have a passion for music, cinematography and the arts in general. I truly believe that every story of love and every passing moment is one-of-a-kind, therefore, every single one of my creations aims to reflect this uniqueness.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Advertising, but my experience has always been in filming. When I was 10 years old, my father gave me a super 8 camera. From that moment on, I’ve never stop filming. I have now been shooting and editing videos for 10 years and in particular, I’m experimenting a new technique to tell emotions through my wedding films.

A part of the job is staying updated and knowledgeable on new trends. In fact, I travel around the world each year to learn and evaluate new idea and methodologies to make my wedding films more interesting. I find that with each place I visit, I try to take the best of that culture and incorporate it into my work. Therefore, my style is not one that can be simply learned from a book, it was developed through real lived experiences, and continues to constantly evolve and be improved upon.


Thanks to my professional knowledge and background, I have reinvented the idea about the world of the wedding normally used in Italy. My idea is to enhance the emotion and to make the same service with a different structure and storytelling approach. My fine art and emotional and wedding photography & videomaking service in  Italy is the key to have 100% of satisfaction by our customers.

I am not a fan of the traditional Italian wedding film style as it tends to be lifeless and without any photography or personalization. My wedding films contrast greatly; I achieve a style that is hard to replicate. 

I believe that the spouses and their emotions must be at the center of the story. Therefore, the scenes are shot without any rigid poses or firm directions. Traditional videographers are usually in the center of the scene and have to make a commotion to capture a video. However, videos made in this way lack true emotion, because if you are too close and involved in the scene, you break the equilibrium that is in the air, therefore breaking the emotion and losing the authenticity of the moment. Furthermore, the newlyweds and their guests should enjoy the day authentically, without constantly worrying about posing for the cameras or fretting over their best angle. A day lived without stress or effort to perform leads to the most beautiful and pure memories.

We can capture my idea about wedding films in one single phrase


                                                              “GOOD VIDEOGRAPHER MUST CONVEY EMOTION”



Catching the light, interpretating the moment and finding emotions is my passion. Catching these emotions on video is a rare gift, but my goal is to capture the most beautiful and meaningful moments of your special day to make you relive your love story every time you watch your wedding film, continuing to give you the gift of those very same emotions, just as strong as the first time, even years down the road.

I have shot wedding films for several years and have come up with a philosophy about my concept of wedding films.  I chose to become a destination wedding videographer because I love cinematography, traveling, and meeting new people. Passion, reliability, friendliness, and availability are the principals of my methodology. I follow the evolution of the day in a detailed manner, involving you in the film with discretion and respect for the spouses, the guests, and their emotions.


I am one of the lucky ones that can say, for me, my job is my passion above anything else. I have put in countless hours and of my time and energy to study and improve upon my work. In fact, I continue to do so in order to learn something new each day, as well as with each wedding. I work not only all over Italy, but abroad as well. 

I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to meet people from different nationalities and cultures. I love hearing their life stories, about their culture, and about their love story. I can assure you, by relying on a professional, such as myself, on the most beautiful day of your life, you will only have to focus on having fun, we’ll take care of the rest!

Choose a wedding film that conveys emotions, choose Cinemotions Films!

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