what do I love about this couple that have choosen Tuscany to getting marring in Italy ?? 

What prompted me to make a totally spontaneous wedding film?

As a wedding videomaker in Tuscany, every time I meet a couple I try to identify with their love story, study the details and their way of being.Instagram is a good ally and also in this case it allowed me to make a totally spontaneous wedding film full of real and unique emotional moments. Their wedding celebrated in the municipality of montaione in Tuscany is the culmination of their dream, of a pivotal place in the couple’s history.

Their destination wedding from the USA to Tuscany was an event masterfully directed by their Tuscany wedding planner MOOI TOSCANE, Reinske in fact has been thinking of transforming their location, Borgo il Castagno into a real perfect place to get married in style .Natural marriage is the trend chosen by spouses with a gentle but, at the same time, nonconformist soul. The mood of their wedding is less traditional and highlights the beauty of nature by embracing more styles still in vogue: from the bohemian with a démodé touch to the trendiest romantic, every decorative detail follows the style of the wedding in an almost uncontaminated context. Locations of any type, as long as they are immersed in nature, are those suitable for a natural wedding. The wedding color palette of this trend reproduces the shades of the environment and the season chosen since nature is the protagonist. Soft colors with different shades for spring and winter or more intense and contrasting shades for summer and autumn: the spouses who choose the natural wedding have a wide choice of extravagant colors such as purple, yellow, orange and blue or delicate colors that can be combined with traditional white. The apparently wild-looking floral decorations are the result of careful work: a broken nature is reproduced to give lightness and informality to the set-up.

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