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Wedding Film – Venice – Palazzo Danieli

Wedding film Elopement are the new trend of Destination Wedding Film in Italy.

When two people choose Venice the atmosphere is very romantic and suggestive. The speciality of this destination wedding elopement it’ about emotions.

For our Brasialian Couple was a pleasure refresh their promises in Venice Italy. They Choose the luxury Venue at Venice, Palazzo Danieli, situated not far from Piazza San Marco.

In this kind of event we believe in the importance of the moments that the couple live during this events.

A long lasting memories during the travel by boat it’ s just a one of the other things that we do.Promises are the key of a new life together andThe speech during the dinner tell me more and more about their stories. As a Wedding videographer based in Umbria near Perugia, I love the moments when the couple tell their stories and share their emotions.

Yes, Because the importance of an Wedding Films, it’s to tell the emotion of the couple and fix it forever.The day began with the sun slowly awakening and creeping in through the windows of the beautiful location where our Russian Wedding in Venice took place. The bride dress was fantastic, an elegant dressing and a very soft pouched make up made by her, give her an elegant and sophisticated look . As a wedding videographer in Umbria, I have been a part of many beautiful weddings and unions of love and lives, but there was something distinct and different about this Elopement wedding film . It was a pleasure be part of this event and give them a very strong wedding film to empower the emotions and give a very long lasting memory.


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Would you like to choose a city of unusual beauty for your wedding? Venice is certainly a special destination to celebrate your wedding: its charm and the atmosphere you breathe make it a favorite destination, especially for the most romantic couples, to live an extra-ordinary experience. Venice is a magical city, timelessly beautiful: if you dream of organizing your wedding in Venice you must be aware of choosing a place that lives of wonder and enchantment. In addition to the city of Venice, even the islands such as Murano, Burano and Torcello can reserve unexpected scenarios and locations of pure poetry. Venice is a city known and loved all over the world: even on your wedding day, walking around the city, you will meet people who will compliment you and stop to congratulate you. 

Getting married in Venice is a charming choice, it is a commitment and a gift that you give yourself and your guests: to make them feel truly immersed in a unique experience, you will have to think above all about their movements, their comfort, their choice of hotels more suitable and means of travel (from the classic gondolas to other boats). The beautiful Piazza San Marco, the picturesque canals and arches … The beautiful historic buildings like the Palazzo Ducale. Imagine dancing with your sweetheart in a beautiful and romantic setting like that of Piazza San Marco .

 In Venice it is possible to organize a civil, symbolic or religious ceremony, with the availability also for the Orthodox or for other confessions: magic, style and class will be your allies for a spectacular and unforgettable event. In the case of a civil ceremony, the City of Venice provides Palazzo Cavalli, from the historic Renaissance beauty, for the celebration of your civil wedding in Venice. You can choose other beautiful historic buildings from the most romantic city in the world to say Yes forever, like the Sala Strucchi in Ca ’Farsetti, Sala Consiglio in Ca’ Loredan or Sala Cuoi. It is also possible to celebrate a religious wedding in Venice, following a specific process. The most suggestive, capacious and exciting churches are the Basilica della Salute, the Church of the Gesuati and the Santa Maria dei Miracoli.

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wedding videographer photographer venice
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Wedding Videographer: Luca Cristofari

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