Romantic & Elegant wedding film at Villa di Striano

The second time’s the charm. This wedding film is born from this couple’s beautiful and heartbroken love story.

This wedding film is dedicated to those who do not give up at the first obstacle, dedicated to those who still believe in true love, dedicated to those who, like me, dream of a better future. When times get tough, it is important to be able to look at the big picture and persist, keep pushing through. This is an example of a couple that did just that.

As a wedding videographer in Italy, working at Villa di Striano was like entering an enchanted world, where traditions blended with nature, a villa completely immersed in the rolling green hills of Mugello, between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany.

This love story is told in an elegant and timeless wedding film. Watch the wedding film made for this couple and their destination wedding in Villa di Striano.

A spontaneous and authentic wedding video without predefined poses. A fun and exciting love story in Umbria. Elena and Pablo’s wedding took place in Villa di Montefreddo in Perugia. From the first moment I met them, I knew their wedding was going to be special and rich with emotion. 

It is impossible to describe the perfect union of this couple and their tears of joy during their wedding. When I got back home, I felt the desire to put on the video and rewatch all the wonderful moments I had witnessed. Their energy and will to live life to the maximum inspired me. I will always remember how happy they were, joking with their guests, celebrating surrounded by their loved ones, and living in the moment. Their wedding film conveys exciting and heartwarming moments with their family and friends, there was love in the air and everyone had pure fun. 

This is the story of their love, their way of having fun and leading a carefree life.


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