Kiara and Nick: their Dream

A spontaneous and natural wedding video without predefined poses.
A fun and exciting love story in Tuscany (Siena)Their destination Wedding was celebrated in Siena e Orvieto



Titignano Castel ( Siena,Tuscany)


Groom: Nick

Bride: Kiara


Videograper: Luca Cristofari

Production: Cinemotionsfilms

Kiara and nick - Just Married!

I will never forget his eyes when he sees her dressed in white. His eyes were full of emotions and tears..

I could feel the love emanating from his every pore. Their energy and their love for each other have been the guide of this wedding.

The beautiful location chosen Titignano Castle, between Perugia and Orvieto, was the perfect backdrop to their eternal promises.

An oasis between Orvieto and Siena of tranquility and peace, surrounded by nature and with a wonderful view over the Corbara Lake.

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Titignano Castle

The Castle of Titignano (Orvieto) has an ancient origin dating back to the year 937, when it was built by the noble family of Montemarte of French origin, arrived in Italy following Louis II of France.

This location offers spacious restaurant rooms where your unforgettable banquet can take place. The green outdoor areas lend themselves to a romantic outdoor reception, with a seated lunch or buffet.

Moreover, in the splendid ancient church of the village you can celebrate your wedding with a religious rite in a suggestive and involving context.

All rooms and apartments are equipped with private bathroom, free wi-fi and comfortably furnished.


Customers reviews

Kiara Louise You captured our day so perfectly and all the emotion we felt. What an incredible job and we feel so lucky to have found you to work with is, can’t wait for the full video!! Thank you Luca 😍😍
Destination wedding Tuscany Siena Nick & Kiara 1
Kiara Louise
Married !
Siamo incredibilmente soddisfatti dal lavoro svolto da questi ragazzi! Si sono dimostrati ampiamente all'altezza pur operando in condizioni climatiche disastrose e in un luogo per loro nuovo. Consigliatissimi
Destination wedding Tuscany Siena Nick & Kiara 2
Ferdinando Lentino
Ragazzi bravi e super disponibili! Sono riusciti a cogliere ciò che siamo costruendo un film del nostro matrimonio che ci rispecchia davvero tanto! Sempre pronti ed attenti ad ogni nostra richiesta. La loro affidabilità e disponibilità ci ha permesso di gestire tutto con totale serenità nonostante i tanti km di distanza che ci separano.
Destination wedding Tuscany Siena Nick & Kiara 3
Valentina Pasini