Rock your destination wedding in Italy with an expert wedding planner

Hire a wedding planner is the best choice to rock your destination wedding in Italy.

The first reason to call the wedding planner is precisely to have a unique and memorable event to live as a bride and groom, but also to give to guests.

Weddings followed by experts are never similar because they are tailor-made, listening to the wishes and needs of future spouses.

And this is exactly what we like to do videographers too: customize each wedding based on the choices and requests of the future spouses to make the most beautiful day of their life a timeless memory.

Normally wedding planner help the couple to organize their wedding . To help them they

selected a bunch of venue and suggest many different place to get married in Italy.

Hire a wedding planner means that now you have a sort of friend in Italy that help the couple about their choice and preferences


Wedding Planner in Italy: how much a wedding planner cost?

Choosing a style for the wedding and instruct the customers to respect their choice in every situation. Maybe the best famous place to get married in Italy are: Venice, Rome , Capri and Amalfi but if you are planning a low cost wedding in Italy this aren’t the best choice.

In other hands, choosing Tuscany and Umbria and their beautiful castle it will be a good idea if you are looking for a different destination wedding in italy.

If you are looking to have an holiday through the land in the center of Italy, without stress and to relax you and your guests Umbria and Tuscany are the best choice.

Walking through the vineyard, watch the landscape from Siena to Perugia and trough the lake Trasimeno is the best choice that i truly recommend!

Don’ t worry. The dream can be true also if you are get married in other cities not so far from the expensive Venice and Capri.

Affordable venue in Tuscany Umbria or Puglia are representing the 90 % of the possibly venue that you can choose to organize your dream.

Referring to the planner, the style of the wedding is the main reasons that can help to evaluate the choice in terms of : color, fonts, organization , planning, flowers and bouquet , dress and everything you need to live your perfect day as much as you can.

In Italy we love to celebrate a wedding day in a church, but if you love the nature we are recommend to celebrate your civil wedding in an open space (garden or under the three) to live the magic places in Italy.

Usually bride and groom think that the price for a wedding planner is only a costs, in many years of my works, I have already work with about 3oo planners and i think that hire a wedding planner is an investment.

Why you should have a wedding planner??

Because a good planner choosing to take every steps with the couple.

The dream come true if everything gone perfectly, but if anything goes wrong!? You have your wedding planner and solve the problem is her work.

A good wedding planner can help the couple to live as much their emotions and moments without any sorts of problems.

Usually planner fix the timing of the events , when photographers and videographer arrive at the location and choose the best professionist in the market to suggest you in term of style and knowledge.

The investment to hire a wedding planner in Italy is about 7% to 30% of the total costs of the wedding in Italy, it depends on the average costs of the wedding.

About good wedding planner in Italy, i really suggest  Silvia Melone from Italy Umbria.

I have shoot with them many works and this is my wedding film that i have made for a russian couple in Orvieto and an elopement Film in Venice.

Enjoy the video and watch how  an expert wedding planner can help to enjoy your destination wedding in Italy