Many things that you should say if you are planning your wedding elopement in Italy

Do you like the idea of an intimate marriage because you are temperamentally brought more to that type of marriage, where much importance is given to the ritual, the essence, and less appearance?

This choice could be for you.

What is the elopement wedding? It is the choice that many couples make by giving up formal marriage.

If your desire is a unique marriage, only between him and you then I am sure that you will not be able to ignore this solution!

Here are some reasons to choose the wedding elopement:

  • Your wedding day will be very personal and intimate and it will be just for you two together. You can spend all your time with your new husband without having to socialize with hundreds of guests.
  • You can decide to make your own love escape, away from everything and everyone, or celebrate the best day of your life with only the love ones beside you.
  • Because fleeing for love is romantic and adventurous. Because in this way it is not necessary to invite one million people and spend thousands and thousands of euros. Because in this way marriage is intimate and full of emotions. Because it is not necessary to organize the wedding with stress, anxiety and worries.

Although it is an intimate marriage, it is important to have a videographer available. The images and videos of the wedding are important for all the spouses, but they are even more important in the case of a flight of love because they will allow you to make the people you have not invited known.

Precisely for this reason, rely only on professionals who will capture the most beautiful emotions and make them a timeless memory.

According to a list compiled by lonely planet, exotic destinations and Caribbean havens are always the most popular for an escape-style wedding, even if, for foreigners, the charm of the Belpaese and its views still remain on top of the top ten: Tuscany remains the place to be of the spouses who often choose it for its romantic and country locations; to follow Campania, Veneto remain the favorite destinations of foreign spouses who choose Italy to say yes.

Below is an example of an elopment wedding we made in the magnificent panorama of Venice.

Two spouses in love escape who have celebrated their love in the lagoon, between Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Danieli, beautiful gondola tours.