How to choose the best wedding videographer in Italy?

The videographer will spend the whole day with you and often being comfortable with someone you know little can be difficult. The wrong choice of videographer for your wedding leads to irremediable consequences because your best day is unique and unrepeatable!

But let’s see where we start.

To get started, enter in the search engine “wedding videographer in Italy” and add the city where you decided to get married, so as to make a first skimming.

Although, my advice is to also look for wedding videographer from other regions, because often many professionals do not have problems moving around Italy.

How to evaluate if the wedding videographer is for you.

Do your videos convey emotions?

Browsing a bit on the website of that videographer you will be able to understand if his works reflect your tastes.

the ability to know how to tell through images. Have an idea of Storytelling to avoid falling into banality, but knowing how to create an authorial and unforgettable work.

The ability to always be present but never intrusive.


Videographers often impose poses on couples, ruining the magic of that day. In my opinion, the most important thing is knowing how to capture the moment as it happens, because it is spontaneous and 100% true. The most important thing is to create a video that conveys the same feelings and emotions experienced on that day.

Are your prices in line with your budget?


We often try to find the most competitive price, often wrong. This is because we rely on inexperienced people who choose to be a wedding videographer as a second job, only to round off and not for passion.

Nothing could be more wrong ..

The wedding day is unique and if you don’t rely on professionals in the sector you will end up regretting it bitterly!

After years of work and passion in this sector, I recently had the honor of winning an Awards.

Before talking about my awards I want to talk about the organization of the wedding film.I shoot wedding films from several years and as a wedding videographer based in Umbria and Tuscany I wan’ t share my particular point of view about wedding Films.Only at the last 4 of my carrier years as a owner of Cinemotions Films I’ m trying to tell beautiful stories as a artist and trying to rock the wedding movie with particular light and emotions that give me an extra results in term of style.

destination wedding perugia villa di montefreddo elena e pablo



IGHA AWARDS as know as International golden Hearts Awards is a community of Photographer and Videographer from all over the world. An independent organization created by professionist of the wedding industry.

The jury of the awards is composed by the best videographer and Photographer from all over the world, award-winning people for their works (photo and wedding films) who select the best works from other than 300 videos from all over the world

It was an honor for me to receive this award and I am honored to have been awarded for the technicism, editing, creativity and originality as an example for the other videographer. My style is based on a mix an elegant storytelling style with a little Bit of creativity. The exact percentage of any knowledge help me to win this Important awards.The jury chose my video from other 250 to incoronate cinemotions films the best videographer all over the world.

The award-winning video, IGBITS , is the wedding trailer of a Mexican couple in the Beautiful Perugia – Umbria in The center of Italy.

It is a successful video because it has a soul, and in this work I capture the energy and also the identity of the couple.

While I was shooting this wedding video, I was focused on all the emotions of the couple. The first dance is the important parts of their love and they really enjoy this part of the wedding.

Another moments that I ‘ ve never forget is during the wedding wovs . Romantic moment during everyone is crying also me. One secret of my works that help me to become the Best Wedding Videographer in Italy for me is to live the emotions as it happens and enjoy with the couple during their wedding.

When I return home, the same night, I already had an idea of how to Edit their wedding movie. I thought the best choice was to keep this two Components (Happy time and emotional tim ) moments and create a contrast between them. In fact in the wedding video we absolutely tried to recreate the same vibrations and the same emotions that I have lived during their wedding day.

How to replicate this awards and became the Best Wedding videographer for the next year?

Our awards is only a Prize that for this organization we are the best videographer in The world. To reach this particular result I need spontaneous couple that can help my inspiration and can create a sort of empty with me.

To tell emotions we need that the couple live their moments without any sorts of impedition, don’ t worry about the object or if we are in time but live their emotions at 100%.

Let’s talk about the location , Villa di Montefreddo Perugia , what an amazing place to celebrate your destination wedding in Italy. In particular the wedding venue, this time, was in Umbria near the Trasimeno Lake . We are in an epochal villa – villa di Montefreddo very elegant and romantic. The space, the perfect weather and the couple and their spectacular moments give me an energy and inspiration that I’ ve never fell in my mind.

Let’s tell me your story and if you are agree about my particular point of view about wedding.


Luca Cristofari – WINNING AWARDS 2019

Referrer to me, I’ m Luca Cristofari and I’m a wedding videographer in Italy.

You can have more information about me and Cinemotions Films in the about page.